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Healgen® Rapid Antigen Test x20

Healgen® Rapid Antigen Test x20


A quick and accurate COVID-19 test result is only 15 minutes away with the Healgen® Rapid Antigen Self-Test. This product’s total accuracy is 98.73 percent.

  • Before beginning the test, carefully read the instructions.
  • It takes roughly 5 minutes to set up the test. After 15 minutes, results will be clearly displayed.
  • When testing other people, take the necessary precautions.

*Same working day despatch by DPD for orders placed before 12pm that day. Delivery is an estimated 1-2 working workings from the point of purchase

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Preparation of the Buffer Tube

  • The buffer tube should be inserted into the specified hole on the front of the test kit.
  • Remove the buffer tube’s protective foil from the top.

Collection of Nasal Specimens

  • Peel back the pouch cover to reveal the sterile swab pouch. Remove the plastic end of the swab from the pouch. The swab tip should not be touched.
  • Carefully slide the swab tip into one nostril until resistance is encountered.
  • At least 5 times, rub the insides of the nostrils in a complete circle. Check to see whether you’re rubbing the inside of your nostril.
  • Insert the same swab into the second nostril and repeat steps 2 and 3 with the same swab.

Swab Roll

  • Insert the swab into the tube after removing it from the nasal cavity.
  • Roll the swab 6 times against the inside of the tube. Make sure the swab tip touches the tube’s bottom and sides.

Allow one minute for the swab to dry

  • Start a one-minute timer.
  • Remove the tube from the tube holder after 1 minute. Squeeze the swab tip numerous times from the outside of the tube as you remove it from the tube. Try to get as much liquid out of the swab as you can.
  • Place the swab in a garbage bag.
  • Drop the provided dropper tip into the buffer tube’s aperture.

Add sample to Cassette

  • Placing the test cassette on a clean, level surface is recommended.
  • Fill the sample well with 4 drops of the prepared specimen.
  • Start a 15-minute timer.

Place sample on the Cassette

  • Allow 15 minutes for results to appear.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After 20 minutes, DO NOT read the results.


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What Testing Is Available?

We offer Covid-19 tests suitable for travel, both for Departures from the UK and Arrivals as well.

We will supply a “Fit to Fly” certificate with a negative result if you choose a test called “Fit to Fly”. This is the certificate you need to check in for your travel, whether you are flying or travelling by ship, boat, train or car to destinations outside of the UK.

An PCR test is the gold standard in COVID-19 testing. It offers the most accurate results as it can detect even the smallest amount of virus. A negative PCR test result provides the most reliable indication you can safely continue to work and travel.


Antigen (Lateral Flow) Test

The Antigen test consists solely of a nasal swab. Our tests are the only 15 minute Antigen tests currently available in the UK and has recently been purchased in huge numbers by HM Government for use on the frontline against in the battle against COVID-19. Our test is one of only three tests approved by the Government and has been awarded the highest accuracy rating.

Covid Antigen Swab Tests

PCR Test

PCR tests look for the genetic code (RNA) of the virus. The test involves taking a swab of the throat and nose. The test will confirm if an individual who is showing symptoms of the virus currently has it. It will not confirm whether they have had it and have now recovered. PCR tests take up to 48 hours as the collected samples need to be analysed by a UK based lab.

COVID Antibody Blood Tests

Antibody Blood Test

Have you had it? The Antibody Blood test is designed for those that feel that they have previously been infected with the COVID virus. Most patients that have had the disease have been found to produce the IgG antibody. This test effectively detects the presence of these antibodies in the blood.


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